We started this company to help nurses create the lifestyle they want while still getting to grow and expand their passion for their careers. Our goal is to find you the perfect fit.
— Matt & Jen Huff, FOUNDERS

Matt Huff

Co-FOUNDEr & Manager

In our early twenties my wife and I decided we wanted jobs that would allow us to help other people and go anywhere in the world. Nursing was the perfect fit. For the past seven years I have worked full time in various ICU settings. I have also enjoyed the freedom and flexibility of picking up extra shifts as a per diem agency nurse. We love working with our patients and our co-workers and we decided to use our passion for community, connecting people, and our love of taking on creative projects to launch Relay.


Jen Huff


My nursing career has found me in a variety of settings including long term care, acute inpatient rehab and finally landing on a maternity unit that provides care to both high risk antepartum and postpartum patients.  Matt and I have long desired to find a way to combine our love of nursing with our creative, entrepreneurial spirits.  Starting Relay has been a culmination of our experiences, beliefs, and personalities and provides an outlet to do what we love while sharing our vision with others.